Extreme Brush Clearing in Houston, TX


Not only can overgrown properties be an eyesore but they can be a huge, overwhelming project. Whether you need extreme brush clearing services or just a little under brush clearing, Lawn Service Houston can help you out. We’ve been providing land clearing services to the greater Houston area and southeast Texas since 1983. That said, we know the ins and outs of lot clearing and would love to help you get your property where it needs to be for future development.


Site Preparation & Land Clearing


Site preparation services can be daunting. But our trained professionals can make the process as easy as possible. We’ll evaluate your site and determine what clearing services will be necessary. Even better, we have the capability to perform brush clearing services on all types of landscapes, from hills to flat areas to rock beds. We’re also experienced with identifying other issues that may arise during the process. Frequently, properties that are overgrown hide other issues that need to be addressed before additional land clearing can take place.


Benefits of Brush Clearing


Brush clearing can provided a number of benefits to property owners and managers. Frequently, we’re asked to clear land in order to get it ready for future construction. Many customers request clearing services when they’re looking to maximize their property value. Poorly maintained properties are worth far less than those that get the attention they require. In all instances, proper under brush clearing will ensure that properties are getting the attention and services they deserve while also keeping property values intact.


Do You Need Land Clearing Services?


Give us a call and we’ll be happy to answer all of the questions you have. We can clear lots of all shapes, sizes, and terrains. If you’re unsure as to what clearing services you might need, we can take a look at your site and provide a free, detailed quote that covers all the necessities. We look forward to speaking with you and helping you out with your brush clearing needs.