Pests, Weeds & Fertilization


Nothing ruins a beautiful lawn faster than pests and weeds. Unfortunately, in Houston and southeast Texas, we have our fair share of both. The key to maintaining a beautiful lawn and overcoming damage from weeds and pests is being proactive. Our lawn and landscape professionals have been in this area long enough to know exactly how and when to handle these types of issue. We’re always on the lookout for problems to ensure that we’ve always got the upper hand. This way, we can rest assured that your lawn stays green and healthy while bugs and weeds are eliminated quickly and efficiently.


Dealing with Pests


As mentioned, there’s a wide variety of common lawn pests in and around Houston. From grubs and aphids to chinch bugs and fire ants, all of these pests can do their own specific type of damage. But even while each of these creatures works in their own ways, the end result is the same – dead or dying grass and plants. If we suspect that pests are to blame for your lawn problems, we’ll perform a thorough check of all affected and non-affected areas. This will enable us to identify the culprit(s) and develop a comprehensive plan of action. Our plan of action will also include how we’ll prevent these pests from returning in the future and how we plan on getting your lawn or plants back to where they should be health-wise.

Pest Control License for Lawn Care Houston

Handling Weeds


Thanks to our climate, weeds have no problem taking over lawns and properties that aren’t getting the type of attention they need. Weeds can spread incredibly quickly even in just a couple of weeks. These problem plants can create an unsightly lawn and they can also damage grass and other plants. If you’ve got a problem with weeds on your problem, we’ll help get rid of all the existing ones and make sure that they don’t come back. Regular lawn care and chemical applications will work to keep weeds at bay while ensuring that your lawn stays green and beautiful. Our team is also well-trained in spotting problem areas that may be more likely than others to be overcome with weeds. In these cases, we’ll take the necessary preventative steps so that the area remains weed-free throughout the year.




Regular applications of fertilizer can do wonders for your property. Even if your property’s grass already looks lush and healthy, you’ll be amazed when you see how much better it looks after fertilization. In addition, fertilizer helps to strengthen grass. This will make it hardier and more resistant to pests, heat, and drought. We recommend a regular fertilization schedule for most properties as it’s an important step in establishing and maintaining lawn health. Fertilization needs will depend on the property and as such, we’ll put together a custom schedule that best fits your property’s requirements. Our goal is to keep your grass healthy throughout the year regardless of weather, pests, weeds, or any other issues that may be detrimental to your lawn’s health.